Nine of Wands; Nine of Fire – Angel Tarot. Forge on in Battle.

This is a weekend of forging on! The Nine of Wands came up for everybody at this time. If you have been battling something, whether it be an issue, person or organization, you have the inner strength to continue on. The woman in this card stands as if she is a military sergeant. She is in the middle of battle and not backing down. Behind her is a fiery and fierce dragon that fights with her at her side. She is a warrior. The treasure of abundance next to her shows five wands of fire in it. She is nearing the end of battle and will win seeing it through.

This is a reminder to keep on going with whatever it is you’re at odds with. You WILL persevere. It may feel like you are weary from a particular struggle, but you are reminded that you are more powerful than you are giving yourself credit for. Your ego wants to convince you that you cannot do it or that you will not make it. Those thoughts are not based in reality because you can do and have anything you choose in this life. You just have to fight for it. Sitting on your couch all day drinking beer will not make it happen. Get up and get out there in the battlefield and claim what is yours.

~  Kevin Hunter

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