Mercury Retrograde June 26, 2013 – July 20, 2013

Mercury is prepping to move retrograde now until July 20th. We have already been feeling the effects starting to build over the last couple of weeks. During the next three weeks, go back and review and re-examine everything you have started or had previously been working on within the last three months. This is a time of re-evaluating your lives and where you’re at and what needs changing. However, avoid making any major decisions of any kind with anything until after July 20th. Even if you receive revelations or great ideas, which will be probable at this time, still hold out until Mercury moves direct.

Back up your computer and drive carefully! The Mercury Retrograde cycle loves to make everything and everyone move at a sluggish pace. This includes electronic devices, computers and even cars! Accidents on the road increase during this transit. People tend to drive more erratically or spaced out as their mind is befuddled and agitated. Everyone’s judgment is clouded, yet many still attempt to make decisions during this time. They ultimately find that it doesn’t go according to their plan or it’s met with one roadblock after another. Frustrations and delays are likely if you try to push forward with anything at all.

This is a period where the Universe forces you to do nothing, but clean house and clear the clutter around you. Re-arrange your home and throw things away or box them up. Remove files off your computer that you don’t use. Either trash them or transfer them to discs and store them away. Use this time to relax and take it easy. If you plan on travelling anywhere, give yourself ample time as the Mercury Retrograde will cause glitches and interruption. Some of us who live in bigger, busier cities are used to functioning at a fast pace. Give it up the next three weeks as you won’t have a choice. This will irritate you if you allow it to get to you. That feeling will multiply and it will be one thing after another. Just let it go. There’s nothing you can do except coast along with it.

As for human contact, be leery of what others are telling you. They will likely change their mind. Some may say things that seem hurtful or insensitive. Chalk it up to the Mercury Retrograde that they simply don’t know what they’re talking about and ignore it. Don’t get absolved in everyone else’s dramas, demands or needs. Think of “you” first and walk away. Many will take longer to get back to you or may not get back to you at all. This will cause dissatisfaction where work or love relationships are concerned. Delays are inevitable at this time. Avoid serious discussions with anyone if you can.

Mercury is moving retrograde in the sign of Cancer. This makes us more inclined to self-reflection on our emotions and feelings. There will be greater focus on our home, security and nurturing our souls and our close relationships.  Some may get an itch to move or change residences. Naturally it’s best to not act on it, but wait it out until we are out of the Mercury fog. When Mercury moves direct, many feel regret over decisions or things they said or did while it was retrograde wishing they could go back and undo it. Just keep your mouth shut for the next three weeks and all will be okay. : D

The angels are asking that everyone get out in the sunlight and get lots of movement and exercise. This should not be too difficult considering that it’s Summer in many parts of the world. The sun has benefits like reducing blood pressure and decreasing feelings of depression. Obviously a healthy balance of sunlight is more beneficial than getting none.  Sit back and relax for the next three weeks.  If you have to make a decision revolving around anything of importance, then read the fine print and proceed with caution.


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