Reaching for the Warrior Within and the Spiritual Transformation

Reaching for the Warrior Within


On Monday, November 22, 2010, my former self officially died. It was the awakening moment and transition that led me to this place. I fell into a deep channel without effort, with Spirit and finally asked for help. I was used to doing everything by myself that asking anyone for help, let alone Heaven was unheard of! I didn’t realize until that moment you had to ask for help otherwise you won’t get it. I didn’t know that Heaven including God could not intervene unless you specifically request it. This was his law. Why didn’t someone inform me of this before? They said they would have been happy to inform me had I trusted that it was indeed them helping me all along. Well I’ll be…

I begged and pleaded with God and the angels to help me. Having an honest, open conversation with them opened up every cell in my body. This was followed by the sudden release of the agonizing pain. It was a welcome relief after a couple of weeks of increasing torture. My soul separated from my body as I experienced what might be described as astral travel. Immense love took over my soul as I was pain free. My clairvoyance opened up and I saw my own soul soaring through the bluest skies. I flew above heavenly white clouds. There were spirits scattered about standing on those clouds watching me. I moved quickly past them curious while experiencing the flight with no control over where I was headed. My soul knew where I was headed as if it were second nature. The feeling was one of profound delight. 

In the distance towards my right, I saw an extremely tall image that looked like a stretched out dark lamppost. As I approached it flying towards this lamppost my mouth opened in blissful awe. What appeared to be a lamppost grew whiter and brighter. It was no lamppost. He had two gigantic gorgeous wings behind him and he loomed over me standing about 30 feet tall! I had never seen an angel this tall and nor an angel like this. He said he was Archangel Michael. I was not frightened, but felt colossal happiness. Everything was happening quite fast. There was no stopping it and nor did I want it too. He spoke in a loud male voice and said, “You will be fine. We’re working on it.”  I believed him and did not question it. 

I came out of the channel with a surge of wild upbeat and euphoric energy. My eyes were flooded with delight. It was a joy I had never experienced before. I realized with double confirmation that they were all real. This was the moment where my soul died only to be reborn with an entirely new outlook. I would never be the same again. It was the moment I became someone else. It was as if the soul I was before I was born intercepted and climbed into my body. I remembered everything from who I was and why I was here. The answers were filtering into my mind at a rapid pace.

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