We are not alone as we all have a Spirit team that works with each of us on the other side.

We are not alone as we all have a Spirit team that works with each of us on the other side. Yet, we become absolved in our own neurosis and problems attempting to do it all on our own. I witness so many around me running into roadblocks or frustration over something they’re trying to make happen. I have to stop them and say, “Okay, wait, have you asked for help?”

“Oh you’re right! I forgot about that.”

I’ll get a text from them later on. “Okay, I asked like you said and it worked! Wow!” They’ll describe the outcome of what happened after days of no movement. They asked for help and suddenly the answer they needed appeared.

You have to give your Spirit team permission to help you and intervene in your life and permission to work with you. If you don’t, they will sit their idly watching you wiggle around in stress and annoyance. Don’t just ask them for help, but then let it go and let them get to work on it.

~ Kevin Hunter


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