In a few words, tell me the reasons why you ended your relationship or stopped dating someone?

“In a few words, tell me the reasons why you ended your relationship or stopped dating someone?”
The responses were:
– He is still having sex with the ex-boyfriend…and bb on top of that.
– Constantly putting himself down.
– Drunk all of the time.
– He was trying to use me like an ATM!
– He wasn’t supportive of my dreams and goals. 
– We argued constantly over the little stupid things. 
– Not enough sex.
– He couldn’t kick his drinking habit and started to become abusive.
– He was perfectly happy to let me pay for everything.
– He refused to do certain sexual activities.
– He didn’t love me or should I say couldn’t?
– Over time as I got to know him, I just realized we we’re not compatible and would be better off as friends. 
– He has fuck buddies and cheated on me. 
– He is materialistic and shallow. He asks me to pay for things for him. 
– He is a narcissistic sociopath who took me for thousands of dollars, left me homeless, jobless and nearly destroyed my life. 
– I discovered he was on Grindr.
– Cheating and mind games.
– He was unreliable.
– It was a Long Distance Relationship.
– He wanted to live in Azeroth with his guild buddies instead of the real world with me.
– There was sex of no kind, cyber or otherwise.
– He wouldn’t leave his girlfriend for me!!


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