Learn from your current circumstances, choices and experiences.

Some of us have been hitting a rough patch the last week or so where were feeling lost or overly emotional and lethargic. We are coming off the heels of the Lunar Eclipse which has been prompting grand changes in our lives. It’s a transformative period specifically forcing us be more introspective than usual. A typical Full Moon will be felt a few days before and a few days after the actual day it falls on. This is not the case with a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse where the effects can be felt for up to six months! This all depends on how you work through the issues that the energy is bringing out of you. What it brings out can be uncomfortable as it prompts us to examine where we’re at in our lives. This can be in any area such as career, relationships or health. 

The card pulled at this time for all of us is “School”. This doesn’t mean go back to school unless that’s what you’re guided to do. What it does mean is that this past week or so has been all about learning from our current circumstances, choices and experiences. Right now you may be so absolved in your feelings and where you’re at that you’re not working through them to reach a place of happiness. You’re too hyper-focused on feeling these yucky emotions. In order to work through them, you have to examine them with a fine tooth comb and look for the underlying cause and message. What areas in your life are provoking you in a negative way? Those are the areas that are requiring a major change. You will have to ask your Spirit team for help and follow their guidance even if it’s pushing you out of your element. It’s time to move on to the next plateau. See only the love and lessons in your current experiences and make your peace with it.

~ Kevin Hunter

Card taken from the “Angel Dreams Oracle Cards” deck by Doreen Virtue and Melissa Virtue.



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