The planet of love and beauty, Venus, moves into the security needing sign of Cancer on Sunday. #VenusInCancer

The planet of love and beauty, Venus, moves into the security needing sign of Cancer on Sunday. It will stay there for the duration of June. We will find our need for security and a solid relationship heightened over the next four weeks. Our emotional intelligence will rise and we’ll be craving more love and expressing of feelings than usual. If a partner is typically withholding in that department, it could cause a feeling of neglect within you. Cancer gets moody and self protective if they aren’t feeling the love. This causes them to withdraw.

However, this placement is a welcome change after having Venus in the non-emotional flirtatious sign of Gemini. Expect a nice boost with your home life and where solid relationships are concerned. We’ll all be more nurturing while feeling the need to take care of others. If you’re single, this is a good time to connect with new people. Everyone will be craving more stability this month and that includes in love relationships. It’s a great time to merge with like-minded souls. Beware of the occasional moodiness and possessiveness, but instead open yourselves up to being cracked open and fulfilled in a bigger way. If your partner has been distant, expect them to warm up to you in June.

~ Kevin Hunter

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