Beware of deception and illusion with the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, Neptune and Mercury Retrograde.

We’re on the tail end of the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse energy from Friday. This has likely awakened your psychic perception as well as unleashed emotional issues you have had buried deep within. This has been a time of purging as well while discovering hidden secrets about yourself or someone else. Perhaps you’ve discovered that they haven’t exactly been operating with integrity. Before jumping to conclusions it’s important to address what you’ve found out by communicating with them about it since all may not be what it appears.

The Full Moon’s pull can cause some illusions and suspicions. This may make you react emotionally in a confrontation like manner. The sooner you address it the better as we are headed into the Mercury Retrograde cycle towards the end of June. All sorts of misunderstandings and miscommunication will rise to the surface if the issues that have popped up now have not been addressed and dealt with.

Neptune is also headed into its retrograde cycle. This is like wearing rose colored glasses where you are either deceiving yourself or someone else deceiving you. Use this time to clear away anyone or anything that does not benefit your highest good.

~Kevin Hunter

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