Is Archangel Gabriel Male or Female? Connecting with the Archangels.

I know there has been confusion about Archangel Gabriel and whether this magnificent Archangel is male or female.  I’ve been psychically connected more to spirit beings than human beings on a daily basis since I was four years old, so I don’t follow what people say, but instead I’ve always listened to what God and my Spirit team show me.  This applies to what they’ve shown me regarding Archangels.
The Archangels are genderless and have no anatomy, however due to the nature of some of their specialties they tend to have more of a masculine or feminine quality to them.  Archangel Michael displays typical masculine qualities so he appears how one might define male dominated traits to be. Gabriel exudes more nurturing and creative qualities, which are more aligned with feminine traits. If you are accustomed to associating Archangel Gabriel as male, then this is how he/she will appear to you.
Gabriel is a name that is interchangeable where it can be attributed to a boy or a girl.  Archangel Gabriel has been depicted as both male and female in literature, religions and mythology, so this can certainly add to some confusion.  The Archangels are genderless, which we use the word gender to be able to explain what we’re talking about.  They are neither male or female.  They exude particular qualities that could be deemed masculine, while others are more feminine.  This forms how the Archangels often appear to others. The Archangels will take shape in a way that is recognizable to you.
In history, the Catholic Church changed the Archangel Gabriel to a male figure. They wanted to leave Mother Mary as the only divine feminine deity.  This was during the days when the world was more of a patriarchal society.  Man pushed to keep things male dominated. Women’s right to vote and for equality did not come to light until centuries into evolution.  In some countries, women still take a back seat.  As the gender lines grew to be equal, Archangel Gabriel’s gender was shifted back to how she always appeared. Archangel Gabriel was previously known as “Archangel Gabrielle”.  This is no surprise that certain ways of life were changed to fit that period in history.  This included making the Archangel Gabriel male.
There is no such thing as either gender dominating the other except where your egos have made this so in human form.  The genders of anyone in the end do not matter.  What does matter is your light and how you allow it to shine.  As it stands now, the church has confirmed that they see the angels as I see them. They know them to be genderless and pure spirit and light.  The Archangels are often depicted as having a gender in artwork.  This is all imagery in order for you to easily identify them.  This, of course, is contrary to Gabriel’s gender belief never being corrected back to female.   It is because they are genderless in the end.  Archangel Gabriel has been mentioned throughout various religious and holy texts.  It has been reported that she announced to Mother Mary of the impending birth of Jesus.
Archangel Gabriel is the Mother of all Mother’s, next to Mother Mary. She is the messenger angel who works with communicators and those that work in fields of creative expression. Archangel Gabriel motivates and pushes you away from procrastination. She is also the protector of Children and assists in parenting. She can help one conceive or adopt.
Archangel Michael displays typical masculine qualities so he tends to appear how one might define male dominated traits to be as a man with wings.  Gabriel exudes more nurturing and creative qualities which tend to be more aligned with feminine traits.  Gabriel is depicted in the Hollywood film “Legion” as male, but that is entertainment and not accurate to how he/she is of course. In the end, the gender of the Archangels or anybody for that matter are not important, but since this seems to be an important question, this is the answer my Spirit team has given me.


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