Is Archangel Gabriel Male or Female? Connecting with the Archangels.

Archangel Gabriel is the Mother of all Mother’s, next to Mother Mary. She is the messenger angel who works with communicators and those work in fields of creative expression. Archangel Gabriel motivates you and pushes you to not procrastinate. She is also the protector of Children and assists in parenting. She can help one conceive or adopt.

Archangel Gabriel has been depicted as both male and female in literature, religions and mythology, so this can certainly ad to some confusion. The Archangels are actually genderless in truth. They are neither female nor male. Because they exude certain qualities that might be deemed masculine while others reveal feminine qualities – this formed how they often appear to others. They do and can take shape and form in a way that is recognizable to us.

Archangel Michael displays typical masculine qualities so he tends to appear how one might define male dominated traits to be. Gabriel exudes more nurturing and creative qualities which tend to be more aligned with feminine traits. In the end, the gender of the Archangels or anybody for that matter are not important. Gabriel is depicted in the Hollywood film, “Legion” as male, but that is entertainment and not accurate to how he/she is of course.

At some point back in history, the Catholic Church changed the Archangel Gabriel to a male.  They wanted to leave only the Mother Mary as the divine feminine deity.  Archangel Gabriel was previously Archangel Gabrielle.  This was back in the days when man unfortunately pushed to keep things male dominated. There is no such thing as either gender dominating the other except where our egos have made this so in human form. Some are accustomed to associating Archangel Gabriel as male which is absolutely fine, as that is how he/she will appear to you.  Gabriel is a name that is interchangeable where it can be a boy’s or a girl’s name.

~Kevin Hunter

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~  Kevin Hunter

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