Full Moon Lunar Eclipse and Archangel Haniel

We are moving towards the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on Thursday, April 25th. A Lunar Eclipse is a triple heightened Full Moon, so the energy is much more intense than a typical Full Moon. If that isn’t bad enough, it’s moving through the water sign of Scorpio. Scorpions are dark, intense and probing to begin with. Place that sign on a Lunar Eclipse and expect an unleashing of volatile emotions and secrets to spill out. This Full Moon is suspicious and jealous prompting some of us to jump to conclusions.

I know it seems that so many of us are talking about the constant dark energies these days, but Archangel Haniel says that our souls are expected to be challenged in this lifetime. This is how we grow, change and evolve to the next plateau. However, these challenges do not have to be made difficult or seen as dark. It is all in how your mind perceives them to be. As long as you stay grounded, centered and keep an optimistic attitude you’ll be just fine. You’ll be able to handle the challenges that come your way with grace.

Archangel Haniel works hard during any Full Moon week helping us have deep insight while awakening our own inner truth. Because our emotions increase during the Full Moon, they naturally cry out for help and Archangel Haniel is there to make it easier for us. She opens up our third eye psychic perception. This is why some have stated during the Full Moon week that they seem to know things before they happen more than usual. The Full Moon and Archangel Haniel both open up our intuition and sixth sense. It is still important to know the difference between what is prophecy and what are you fears and ego. The Full Moon energy does unleash both intertwined with one another. Compound that with a Lunar Eclipse and it’s that energy times three.

For example, you may feel your partner is cheating on you. They are spending a lot of time away from home. You are misreading every move they make and blowing it up into something detrimental. The day of the Full Moon you confront them and make accusations in an emotionally, hostile manner. You do this only to discover you had concocted some elaborate, negative vision that was completely false. In the process you may have caused you both to temporarily split from this melodrama. This is an illustration of what the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio can cause. Lots of overreacting to things! Try not to dramatize and blow situations up this week as you will be tempted to. Just say to yourself that it isn’t true, that all is perfectly well and will work out in the end.

It is no surprise that when I asked about the Full Moon, the card I was asked to stop on was Archangel Haniel. In this card I’ve attached, the white dove is a symbol of the Holy Spirit, peace and hope. Archangel Haniel asks you to stay positive as you purge and release all negativity in your life on the night of the Full Moon. As you release these things to Heaven and the Universe, remain optimistic knowing that they will go through a transmutation in return bringing you the blessings you truly want in your life.

~ Kevin Hunter

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