Does forgetting where you left your keys mean your memory is declining?

We have all seen those articles that feed us age related studies that say our memory fades as we grow older.  They use the losing your keys and forgetting where you left them example.  Children forget where they put things just as much as adults do.  The reason adults forget where they put something is not a sign of a fading memory necessarily.  It has to do with that adults have a lot more responsibilities, concerns and lists going on in their mind that focusing on where they placed their keys the night before is a not a top priority.  They simply have too much going on in their life to remember every move they are making.  Beware of those articles that attempt to link this to age and memory loss.  This is not always the case and you cannot automatically attribute them to mean the same thing.  It is true that as we age many things about our bodies decline, but not that rapidly.  Rest assured that just because you cannot find your keys it does not mean your mind is going.  It just means your mind is on overload with too much information to find the part that will tell you where your keys are.

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