Be strong and toughen your resolve running over challenges with great vigor.

Be Strong

The message here is that no matter what you are facing that you toughen your resolve and your inner self.  Pull yourself up by your bootstraps and run over your challenges with great vigor and detachment.

We are experiencing the trickled remains of the Mercury Retrograde motion pushing forward.  It is typically a little sketchy, but not as bad as when it’s actually moving retrograde.  It has made so many of us feeling mentally drained and exhausted.  Typically by the second week it should lift, but wouldn’t you know it, Mercury’s cycle has blended effortlessly into the powerful Full Moon energy.  I know it often feels like one can’t get a break.  The Full Moon is on Wednesday March 27th.  The Full Moon happens once a month allowing us to have that opportunity to dust those cobwebs out of those locked cupboards inside you and let that stuff out!  Your inner needs are rising to the surface and tend to do so during the Full Moon energy which can be felt three days before the day and three days after the day of the Full Moon.  Release and purge anything or anyone that does not benefit your higher self.

This card is a reminder to bring out your inner strength and take the rough patches in your life with stride.  Being strong can be difficult when we are facing adversity.  You can be strong by taking control of you and your life.  Accept that some things have happened beyond your control and leave it alone.  Know that it is all for a reason even if you cannot see that reason immediately.

A friend of mine had a rough weekend at work and while travelling to work where he was harassed by what might seem like someone on crack or drugs who tried to pick a fight.  He got into it with this guy and allowed himself to carry it with him throughout the weekend.  It’s natural to be jarred by an intense incident that comes at us out of nowhere.  He posted it on his Facebook repeatedly all through the weekend getting everyone riled up over it.  He carried the anger throughout the weekend and what he’d like to do to this guy, etc.  I finally reached out and asked him to stop by so I could talk to him about it.  He made it over and it was probably after about five to ten minutes when I let him vent it out when his guardian angel flushed in beautifully.  It was time for me to talk.

She stunned me with the strength message as I was being relayed very different messages than what I’d thought I’d get.  It was time for him to let what happened go.  She did not want him to latch onto it drowning his entire soul with it to the point where he couldn’t breathe or function.  He left calmer and happier and has been fine since.  He took the message and gained real strength from it, not the strength one conjures up in revenge which is a natural reaction when someone attempts to hurt us.  This is a message for all of us.  Anything that is not benefiting your over all well-being or is causing you upset, see the humor in it no matter how difficult it might be.  Bring in your higher self who is always strong and let it go.  Laugh and say, “Oh well.  Yeah that was a nasty incident, but it’s over and I’ve gone on and forgot about it.”  This is where true strength comes from.

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