Ten of Air; Ten of Swords. The worst is over. Say hello to a better life.

The Ten of Air is the card for us all as a whole. It is fitting as we leave the heavy Mercury Retrograde energy. It is actually still being felt by so many people right now as so many have relayed to me. What they are all now experiencing are feelings of lethargy, being worn out and just plain tired all around. This feeling will pass soon. It is really the trickled remains from Mercury switching positions in the sky. It is making many of us sluggish.

During the Mercury Retrograde into the first few weeks of March you likely had been faced with an overload of information and of feelings being erupted to the surface. The Ten of Air card is telling us that the worst is over and that what you likely went through was absolutely necessary. The gold lights around some of the unicorns in this card are representative of an increased personal power here. You had to go through some ugliness or even delays to grow internally. You will notice in the image that those particular unicorns have gained this wisdom and are headed in a different direction now. They are headed towards enlightenment and a grander life, while the other two in front are still hanging at a stand still. Those two will soon follow the rest of the herd in that direction once they have accumulated the necessary knowledge of what they went through the last few weeks.

You may have experienced loss, victimhood or had to face things you wish you did not have to or did not want to know. Even if you have felt some pain or hurt, it is time to let that go and accept defeat. This way you can move forward to brighter pastures. This is a card of out with the old and in with the new. It is a card of something major having been happened to you that you had to deal with recently, but now things are looking up! As they say there is only way to go from here and that is indeed up. Make your peace with whatever has happened and bring it to closure. Accept the lesson you were meant to learn or gain and release it moving on into the light of happier times up ahead.

~  Kevin Hunter


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