First Day of Spring; First Day of Aries; Working on Two Books Simultaneously

We are moving into the First Day of Spring in the United States. I know that other countries may experience this differently. Australia for example starts their Spring in September. This is however also the first day of Aries as well. Spring marks the period of a new birth. The day hours are equal to the night. The weather starts warming up and the flowers and the trees start to blossom. I love Spring as it makes one more inclined to connecting with nature where Spirit is heavily saturated in.

I haven’t been on here as much as I was. As some of you know I am in the middle of juggling two books.  I have an Editor who is now calling me regularly and a publisher who continues to check in to see how I am doing and where I am at (but no pressure). Both books are very important and I have never been more excited about anything I have done than with these upcoming two books. The other stuff I have done I love sure. They are pure entertainment, but these two books are exceptionally vital and have great meaning for a broader audience. They are both in the galley stages simultaneously with back to back deadlines through different publishers. I have to pick up one and submit a section and then go back to the other book and pull out another piece and re-write that and submit. My mind moves pretty quick to begin with as I can decipher the rapid influx of information I receive at lightning speed. This is the product of having a Virgo Rising with a Saturn in Gemini which points to communication in the 10th House of Career. Still it can be wearing, but I am not complaining. 🙂 I am anxious, excited and super productive these days!

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