Happy 40th Birthday to me!

As of today, I have been on this earth plane for 40 years, which is about an hour in the spirit world.  I’ve lived several lifetimes in one, growing up open to a wider variety of experiences than most people can handle.  And most cannot handle some of the things I’ve partaken in.  It is as if the colors on my palette are a little brighter, the highlights and shadows on my canvas more contrasted.  I was born in touch with the entire whole spectrum of human emotions where my mental and emotional sensitivities are equally developed.  I’ve had no problem expressing both sides of my dark and light nature without contradiction or fear of censure.

I leave one juncture of my life and enter blissfully into the next one with immense excitement.  I haven’t wasted one-minute always changing, always evolving, gaining knowledge and life experience beyond someone who has lived 100 earth years.  March 5th is the day of Heaven and Hell after all; where it can sometimes be an unstable emotional world in which one flip flops from the angelic to the demonic.  And yet the true danger, the one that needs tending to, is often internal.  I’m difficult to advise or convince, but at this point, the demons have been quieted down and tamed for some time.  Now I live in the light and this next phase and juncture things are going to get even better!



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