Laugh at your circumstances when your life becomes too serious

If your life has become way too serious, then laugh at your circumstances no matter how upsetting they might be.  I know that might sound a little crazy or out of place, but in the past whenever there were issues or anything turbulent in my life, I would always coast over it or crack jokes about it. Yes, even at the most inopportune moments when I’ve elicited nervous laughter, I always found humor to have grand curative effects. I would have a friend reach out to me upset and I would counter that with something that would bring them to laughter. Of course then they’d ad, “Come on Kevin don’t make me laugh, I’m mad.” Get over it. Let go, lighten up, and allow everything to sort itself out because it always does in the end. When you hang on to something serious so tightly that only magnifies the problem. I’ve tested this out as well. You’re better off letting it go and allowing the issue to work itself out on its own time. Nothing is going to stay the same way for years at a time so it’s healthier and more beneficial for you to lighten that load of unnecessary worry that gets lodged into every cell of your body. Focus on something fun while you wait for the serious issues to work themselves out. While you’re involved in a fun activity, it raises your vibration closer to Spirit. You suddenly get an idea filtered to you from your own guides that is the answer that can fix the issue you’re having. You are not receptive to their assistance or messages when you are in a state of shock, stress, anger or worry.

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