Have Strength and Courage now with the assistance of Archangel Ariel

Using two different decks I pulled cards that have similar meanings and which are represented by the same Archangel.  Archangel Ariel is very present now with some messages of strength and courage.  This has to do with your inner spirit and that you can accomplish anything you want to do.  In the “strength” card image the Lion is a symbol of the ego, while Archangel Ariel is a symbol of the higher self.  In the painting, she has complete control over the lion and dominates it.  She is relaxed in holding the reigns of this wild beast.  She’s not putting up a fight because she is strong and powerful and therefore does not ever push against any resistance, but rather glides right through it effortlessly.  She’s not fighting the animal aggressively, but rather is assertive in her stance.  The rainbow in the Strength card is a symbol of the human spirit. The two doves in this case symbolize inner peace, the Holy Spirit and harmony.  Archangel Ariel and this card in general is bathed in radiant violet/purple colors which is a symbol of magic, serenity and invoking spirit as well as spiritual vision and awareness.  You have the power to accomplish whatever it is you choose.

There is also a warning message to tame yourself if you have been on a recent kick of lashing out in outbursts or negativity and upset.  You may be prone to as we are approaching another Mercury Retrograde cycle in one week.  The Mercury Retrograde transit happens for three weeks and three times a year.  Mercury represents communication and transportation – both of which we all use quite a bit!  Get everything done now and get ready to sit back and go with the flow through this rough transit whether you like it or not.  There will be miscommunication as well as delays of all kinds.  People will get back to you too late or not at all.  You may experience those from the past popping up to reach out to you and re-connect out of the blue including exes especially.  You might find errors or mistakes in something you were working on.  The only thing for anyone to do during a Mercury Retrograde is to go back to review, re-assess or anything with “re” in the word.  Moving forward will be tougher than you will expect or would like, so it’s important to remain calm and patient during this time while holding your own.  We are already starting to feel a little bit of the effects which will build each day this week.  Don’t act impulsively now, but rather systematically and bravery with self control.  Let things go that attempt to get in your way and do not take anything personally.

These two images of Archangel Ariel that popped up are a perfect example to mirror in behavior and stance.  Archangel Ariel is a tough warrior female hierarchy angel.  When you ask her, she can come in and assist you with magically manifesting your desires in steps.  Need to improve your finances?  Ask Archangel Ariel to help.  I view her as the sister of the equally tough and powerful Archangel Michael.  She is deep in our oceans, high up in our mountains and present in the open desert.  Anywhere in nature is the best place to commune with her although you can ask for her help wherever you are.  She is so powerful she is everywhere at once and watches over all of God’s creations from animals, pets and our habitat.  She steps in and intervenes with those who harm any of His creations and protects our planet.  She does not take it lightly with those who inflict destruction on nature.  Where Archangel Haniel is a gentle Archangel for the sensitive and those with deep psychic gifts, Archangel Ariel is a fierce and powerful soldier Archangel that can infuse you with a fighter spirit and bring out your compassionate inner power helping you to obtain all of the wonders you’ve imagined in your dreams.

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