Past Life Relationships. Stop the Cycle of Attracting the Same Wrong People In.

I’m continuing with the Romance Angels Deck in homage to Valentine’s Week.  Past Life Relationship is what has come up.  This is a fitting reminder for us to examine the connections we have with others.  The ties you make with other people whether they are a lover, friend, colleague, boss, sibling, parent or even child are no accident.  In this case, this has to do with the bonds that you have with these people where you feel like you are being tested.  Some of them may be a, ‘can’t live with them, can’t live without them’ scenario.  Or everytime you are with this person you feel uncomfortable or forced to put on the face and be civil to avoid a disagreement.  You are asked to look at these unions that cause you some form of upset or grief at times and observe the underlying lessons within them.  Make your peace with it and then let it go once that’s done.  This can also be a circumstance where you are repeatedly being drawn to the same wrong person over and over again.  You can’t seem to let them go even though you are perfectly aware that they are damaging to you.  There are a couple of reasons for this.  One of them is that you both have unfinished lessons together.  Each person needs the characteristics that the other has to fulfill a lesson which will help in their spiritual growth while here.


An example of a scenario is, there is a guy who came from an abusive household and the girl is a successful, self-confident and well respected person in her career.  They meet and are immediately attracted to one another and form a relationship.  Over time she loses herself in the relationship.  Feeling the imbalance she starts to assert herself as this is how she used to be before the relationship.  When she does this though, he cuts her down using the violence and bullying he learned from his upbringing that she’s not that great.  She starts to believe it and leaves him.  Yet, she is drawn right back to him again as she remembers all the good things about him and forgets the violence.  The lesson here for both of them to learn is that he needs to stop the cycle of violence in his family history and she needs to learn to assert herself and not falter once in a relationship.  Someone will love all of who she is without compromise. 


Not all scenarios are this extreme, but there are lessons in all of our connections that we must learn in order for us to grow or we will continue to attract the same types of people who exude similar characteristics from one another.  We are essentially attracted to these types of people without realizing it until we are knee deep in it.  How often do you hear someone say, “Why do I keep attracting the same types of people to me?”  It’s important to come to terms that there is a lesson and what it is with these people.  Once you’ve learned this then it’s time to direct a change so that you can start attracting in relationships at a higher level.  We often times are unaware that there is a lesson in these unions while were in them.  Our ego takes over and places blame on the other person on what they are doing to them, instead of taking a step back to see the lesson they must learn in that particular relationship that will prompt them to grow and move to the next level.  Once you’ve done that, you are released from that tie and attract souls who are nothing like who you used to be attracting in.

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