Full Moon in Leo energy has imprisoned some of us with negative thoughts and worry

This intense Full Moon in Leo energy that we’re still experiencing some side effects on has more or less imprisoned some of us. If you take a look at the card pulled on this attached here, you’ll note that any anguish, anxiety or fears that might be occurring within you have all been created by you and are simply a mirage. Thoughts produce things so if you are marinating in constant daily worry over an issue, then that will expand and bring more of that to you. This is why it’s important to release these negative thoughts and get rid of it. It doesn’t do anybody any good and certainly not you or your health and well being. The thoughts are so powerful that you are refusing to let them go. It’s like this huge burden of heavy weight on your soul and it is stalling you from movement. They are essentially holding you prisoner as is displayed accurately in this image.

We all have guides and angels that come in specifically to help us experience joy when we are down or stressed. They have the power to unlock the prison cell you’ve created to store your negative thoughts in, but they need your permission to unlock it and let those words fall out of you. Those words are so powerful that they shift and stall or alter your life course. In the image you can see these guides buzzing around you trying to get in to help! They are coming with the party and have the ribbons and confetti for the fun, but you’re not paying attention. You are guarding those negative thoughts like a prison ward and not even noticing them.

The Full Moon energy has prompted many of us to fall deep into our psyches and pull out our inner most issues, but now its time to release them. If you’re still hanging on to it for dear life, let it go. Imagine that these thoughts are in your hand and you are releasing them into the air. Mentally say, “Here – Take this I don’t want it anymore.” That’s all you need to do and you are heard. There is no magical invocation you need to say to ask for the help of your guides and angels. Simply saying it mentally, out loud or in writing has brought them to you. You just have to request it as they can’t do anything unless you’ve given them the go-ahead. Once done, you will feel it evaporating off of your body. Your spirit and light will expand upward to the level of joy. You’ll look back in hindsight wondering why you were holding onto those negative thoughts so tightly. They were around an issue or a speculation surrounding something that wasn’t real, but you believe it to be. When you’re in that level of joy, the answers you needed to have suddenly and miraculously appear. Of course the answer was already given to you and was always there, but you were so distracted by guarding those negative thoughts that you didn’t notice.

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