Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. This is not philosophy, but physics.

Someone wrote to let me know they were having anxiety over the date 1/13. He added, “Wondered if they can tell you, or if you see anything regarding that, maybe something happening.”

For those that feel alarm or fright on occasion, there is a way you can decipher if it’s real or just your ego taking control. When you experience worry or unease over anything, you are giving it energy and attention, both of which expand into more of the same. You do not want to conjure up a self-fulfilling prophecy and cause negative circumstances to hit you. Do you ever notice that when something goes wrong, that it’s followed by more of the same? I always hear someone often say when that happens, “Why does everything keep happening to me?” It’s because you are planting heavy focus on it. Sometimes it’s difficult at first to not feel distress over a negative issue, but its important to take a step back and detach from it.

The ego can be powerful if you allow it to. It gets a rush out of controlling you and creating apprehension or fear about things that are not based in reality. There is one way you can tell the difference between heavenly guidance and your lower self or ego. When you receive messages from heavenly Spirits, you will never experience fear, anxiety or dread. The messages are always loving even if they are warning of you something negative. There is still a sense of peace or an uplifting feeling that all is okay.

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