Detach from drama and ignore other people’s ego

A number of people have been hitting me up over the last few days with the issues they’ve been experiencing with others.  These involve being caught in situations where someone is being antagonistic with them out of jealousy or anger because they did not get there way.  Steer clear of everyone else’s irrelevant drama.  It doesn’t do you or anybody any good to get involved with someone’s ego.  Don’t respond, ignore them and walk away.  I’ve picked up on this energy increasing again over the last few days as well.  Now that the holidays are over everyone is back to what they might consider to be the grind and the mundane.  They are reminded of how unhappy they are with some part of their life. (i.e. job, relationship, finances) It’s a brand new year and the edgy feelings they had of feeling stuck before the holidays are rising once again.  The slightest issue can be blown out of proportion and you might be caught in the line of that fire.  Remove yourself from the racket if you find yourself being a target of someone else’s blow up.  Focus on you and your path.  Become the calm in the eye of the hurricane.  As for those acting out, they are discontent with where they are at and are being urged to make some long awaited adjustments to their life.  Still that is not anyone’s problem to solve but their own.  You are not obligated to take on other’s people’s misery.  The message now is detach from drama.  The best way to always do that is by first getting outside!  Get outside in nature like  a quiet park, beach, desert or mountains.  Take a deep breath and exhale.  Allow the setting to clear you and calm your nerves.  This is evident in the additional cards I pulled with this energy the last few days.

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