Goodbye to the old in 2012; Hello to the new in 2013. Happy New Year!

New Year’s Day is a time to look back on the past year and examine what you have learned and gained.  We are all here to learn to love as well as to grow and evolve after all.  Did you stay stagnant and right where you have always been this past year?  Or did you pick up some valuable knowledge to further your growth?   Did you accomplish anything or did you let the days go by wasted? 


Millions of people around the world acknowledge the end of the year as a guide to see how far they have improved or progressed.  They look at it as a time out to celebrate with optimism in hopes that the future will be brighter for them.  This is a time when everyone talks about their New Year’s resolutions and we always seem to say to one another, “Next year will be better.”  Well, wait a minute, why aren’t you enjoying your life now?  Feel serenity today and then your challenges lessen.   If you keep saying tomorrow will be better, then you will always be one step away from happiness.

2013 WILL actually be better though and this isn’t because that’s what we are supposed to say on New Year’s Eve.  2012 ads up to the number 5 which contributes to drastic changes.  The number 5 shakes us out of our ruts and routines.  If you were unhappy this year, then that is because you were being forced to examine your life and where you are at in a deeper way in order to make significant changes.   Although you should always be examining your life, this year has been particularly heightened.  Many of us have been waking up over the course of the years leading up to 2012.   This transformation we’ve been going through can make one unhappy because change is something different.  We get uncomfortable whenever there is a drastic change.  I’m talking about changes that force you out of your comfort zone.

2012 was a rough year not only because of the difficult challenges you were forced to deal with and face, but we also had all of that fear energy surrounding the end of the world talk.  The end of the world time waster is added to the long list in history as one of the most embarrassing events that some chose to partake in believing there was some significance to the date 12/21/12.  Whatever happened with that anyway?  Did everybody move onto the next thing?  There was never going to be an end of the world, but the negativity talk and fear energy that was focused on that date amplified the darker sides of the world’s character.   The spiritual community attempted to balance and diffuse this by announcing that it was not the end of the world, but the dawn of a new age.  We already entered that new age years before.  This age will last for a little over 2,000 years so it takes awhile for change to happen globally.

2013 ads up to the number 6.  The number 6 is all about balance, unselfishness, love and happiness.  For this matter 2013 will be a notch above what 2012 was.  If you did the work this year, then you will be moving to the next plateau.  This work would mean you have spent 2012 evaluating your beliefs, values and ways of doing things and made some significant changes within yourself.  By shedding all of that garbage from in and around you, you will be more open and receptive to the wonderful things headed your way in 2013. 


Happy New Year!!


Pick up the movie, “New Year’s Eve” to celebrate. It is like one big giant Hallmark card and the best thing about the movie are the scenes with Michelle Pfeiffer and Zac Efron who know how to create magic.

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