Angel Dreams Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue and Melissa Virtue

Angel Dreams Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue and Melissa Virtue is now available and definitely worth checking out.

This is a beautiful, magical dream deck that seems to have many uses. One of them is to interpret the symbols, images or messages in your dreams. Another way to use it is like any other oracle or tarot deck. You can create your own spreads and pull several cards that your angels and guides wish to relay to you at this time. I have found accurate messages come through for me that I was aware of, but didn’t really want to acknowledge. The deck certainly does not lie. For that matter, this deck is extremely accurate for me.

The cards are easy to use and shuffle. The back of each card is the same image as the box cover with the Angel sitting on a cloud at night with her hands open. Each card is dark blue with stars on it. There is an image representing a message with the name of the card at the top. On the bottom of each card are 2 or 3 different keywords that coincide with the possible meaning of the card. You trust your intuition and the messages you get to interpret the cards. If you need additional information or assistance, the handy guidebook that comes with this has additional detailed information about each card as well as spread recommendations that include “Dream Spiral”, “The Moon” or “Seasons of Change” spreads.

The cards have various meanings and images on them from herbs, crystals and colors to things like “Dancing”, “Food” or “Lucid Dream”. I was seeing the color blue around a friend the other day and I didn’t know what that meant. There is a card in this deck called ‘blue’. I was able to discover that this person is not speaking their truth and are suppressing it instead. They need to express themselves by communicating or through expressing it through creative pursuits. This person agreed that that was true.

I did a basic sample read with three cards. The first card I flipped over was “Daydream”. It is an image of a woman sitting in front of a tree looking up and smiling. The bottom of the card says, “Imagination. Allow Your Mind to Wander and Quiet Time.” The second card says, “Passed-Over Loved Ones”. It is an image of an end table with family photos in frames. In front of it are candles, an angel statue and incense burning. The bottom key words say, “Comfort. Forgiveness. Support.” The third card says, “Kitchen” and there is an image of a nice kitchen with one key word at the bottom “Creation”. There are so many ways to interpret this. I’m being asked to be still and hear the messages of those on the other side who are attempting to communicate with me. Because the Kitchen card came up in the third spot, I am able to know that this is indeed about deceased loved ones. The Kitchen card can be about starting something new whether that be a project or a relationship, but because it was next to the Daydream and Passed Over Loved Ones card I know that it is about family. Each card you lay down after the previous one starts to tell a story.

The author also gives great recommendations like, “Connecting with these cards on a daily basis will help your dreams become more vivid and easier to decode.” The deck is comprised of basic dream symbols. The author suggests things like meditating on the “Selenite” card for those needing assistance on remembering their dreams. The herb and crystal cards are an excellent tool to focus your mind on before you sleep. You can even put a particular card under your pillow before bed and see what comes through in your dreams. This is a great tool to awaken your clairvoyance as well since that gift is linked to prophetic or vivid dreams.

I found this deck to be fun, imaginative and insightful. It’s something that you can play with for hours. It’s bathed in so much information like the Bathroom card has got “cleanse” and “clarify” on it. You’ll be studying one card and its various meanings forever, while the Fire Opal card has “Sensuality” and “Confidence.” You also learn what the crystal and certain herb meanings are as well. The purple Amethyst card has “Psychic Abilities” and “Behavior Patterns” on it. Meditate on that card or put it under your pillow and watch your dreams become more vivid and memorable.

The deck does not have anything negative or evil which is good, but I have had nightmares in the past with bats or vampires and you won’t find anything like that in this. The closest thing to being dark was the “Snake” card, but that seems to mean a transition, rebirth or release. I have had dreams with snakes in the past and never knew what that was all about. Man, I must have been going through dozens of transitions in my life.

There are 55 cards in this deck and the author describes the meaning of the digits to mean “Way Shower”, leader to the light.

I’ll end this with the different names of the cards since some tend to be curious what’s in it: Amethyst, Angels, Astral Travel, Autumn, Bathroom, Blue, Dancing, Dandelion, Daydream, Dolphin, Dragonfly, Dream Guide, Dress Rehearsal, Fairies, Fire, Fire Opal, Food, Full Moon, Gardening, Green, Hawthorn, High Council, Kitchen, Lady’s Mantle, Lucid Dream, Mirror, Moonstone, Mugwort, Nettle, New/Waxing Moon, Obsidian, Orange, Passed-Over Loved Ones, Past Life, Premonition, Problem Solving, Purple, Reaching For Your Dreams, Red, School, Selenite, Silver, Snake, Spring, Stairs, Summer, Sun, Travel, Unicorn, Violet, Waning Moon, Water, White, Winter, Yellow.

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