Ignore the end of the world talk and focus on what is next. Three of Wands.

This is another beautiful card from the Angel Tarot Deck.  I love this image and the girl sitting with the Dragon peaceful and patient.   You can see the volcano and the crashing waves ahead of them in the distance which is symbolic of those who are feeding fear and negative energy into this December 21, 2012 date.  This date of course is just another day on the Calendar.  There is nothing apocalyptic about it.  The girl and the Dragon are removed and detached from the going ons in front of them.  I’m also being asked to pay attention to the erupting of this volcano.  Perhaps we have spent this year suppressing our emotions and our dreams.  It is time to let that out, let loose and go for it.  It can no longer be contained within you.  The volcano is a sign of creativity being unleashed.  There is a butterfly in the far right distance.  We have great changes and shifts to look forward to after tomorrow as a matter of fact.  Now is the time to take the bull by the horns and go for it.  The girl and the Dragon see so much up ahead of them.  They have great foresight of what’s to come and are perfectly content about it.  The waves crashing in front of them are gold which signifies abundance.  You are ready to head out to sea and chart new ways of living. Broaden your horizons and stay optimistic.  The three fire staffs behind them are firmly planted in the ground.  The scattered white flowers in the greenery symbolize unity and strength.  Have confidence in what you want in 2013.  Ignore this 2012 fear energy and focus on diving full speed ahead….now.  You can do it!

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