Kevin Hunter completes first draft of next book. 12.12.12

The first draft of my next book is complete. I started it at the beginning of September and it has taken me 3 ½ months just to do the first draft. This is a clue that it’s a big one because it is. The outline was on a shelf all Summer.

The idea was planted in me fifteen years ago. It is a spiritual empowerment book that covers everything you can imagine. I have lot of surprises in it. I have alienated some around me due to the subject matter and my rigid work ethic.  I pay no as I have a many missions to complete and this is one of them.

The book is extremely revealing and nothing close to what I have written before.  I am far from done.  The first draft is your first step. Next come things like rewrites and polishing. It’s been another year of positive transformation for me and I love where this is headed.

The cards I always pull with this from the Angel Tarot Deck are the King of Fire, The Wheel and The Sun.  Those that are familiar with the Tarot know that those are very powerful cards to get.  Leadership.  Coming Full Circle.  Happiness and good times.

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