Create a positive ebb and flow of energy to and away from you

What’s going on this month anyway? The Firm Foundation and Base Chakra cards in the image both basically mean the same thing so it was interesting that they both fell out of the deck. Firm Foundation is pointing to our fears around security and finances. Your root or base chakra is where those fears accumulate and when that happens that chakra can get dirty and muddy. Your base chakra is located at the base of your spine. Your chakras look like spinning fans so to unclog them imagine the fan spinning and visualize your angels blasting it with white light. The fan starts moving quicker and the all of the accumulated debris is being blown out of it. The other way to keep that chakra healthy and clear is to exercise from Yoga to cardio like jogging up the canyon like I do.

To feel secure and having a firm foundation you want to make sure that you have a healthy balance of giving and receiving going on in your life. This creates a positive ebb and flow of energy to and away from you. Giving in some way is for example, me posting this on here. It’s all counted as giving to the world in some way. You also want to be open to receive. Some of us are great at giving, but when someone wants to do something nice we may feel uncomfortable. Practice receiving in the right spirit to keep your life balanced. Give all worries and fears over money to your angels. Say positive affirmations that there is always enough to go around and that you are taken care of in all ways.

The third card in the spread is showing that this is actually a beautiful month. It is filled with celebrations of all kinds as good times are headed your way. If you can get past any fears you have over your current stability and security and turn those into something positive, you will attract in the kind of security you’ve been looking for this coming year. Have fun, love, get together with friends, get back into the joy of your life and celebrate how far you’ve come. Change is good thing because the old energy is leaving and brand new better energy is coming in. We have great things to look forward to.




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