Supreme Court agrees to hear Prop 8 case which may strike down any remaining Same Sex Marriage ban in the U.S.

Normally I don’t get involved in anything political and nor do I care, but because this is a case that has to do with the human heart and where some of us are on our spiritual growth, this has warranted a quick post.  Although I do find it mildly odd that an issue surrounding the human heart would become a political issue to begin with.  The only reason we are all here is to learn how to love.

I had stated back in 2008 when Proposition 8 won by a 51/49 margin to ban Same Sex Marriage in California, that it would head all the way to the Supreme Court who would most likely strike down all bans across the country.  I haven’t got involved in any of this until yesterday, when it was announced that the Supreme Court had agreed to hear the Prop 8 case in March 2013.  Not only can they strike down the ban on Same Sex Marriage in California, but they can ferociously strike down ALL bans across the entire nation and most likely will as they have repeatedly in the past.

Something similar happened in 1964 when the Supreme Court struck down the interracial cohabitation ban across the country.  Then again in 1967 for “Loving vs. Virginia” in a landmark civil rights case, the Supreme Court in a unanimous decision declared the law that the state of Virginia had on the books banning and criminalizing interracial marriage and segregation unconstitutional.  They overturned the other laws simultaneously ending race-based legal restrictions on marriage in the United States indefinitely.

I’ve had so many people over the years ask me what the Angels and Spirit say about all this.  They have all showed me the trajectory of how this would play out over the years.  I didn’t know the date as I was only told that it was ‘soon’, and now here we are.  I steered clear of any press and ignored it until the headline happened which was the key sign that triggered what I was told.

They have told me that Heaven sees no distinction between which souls are connecting for the sake of love.  They are just happy to see two people in a loving, committed relationship.  Everything else is a product of man’s ego, fear, misunderstanding and free will.  It is not how our souls entered this life to begin with, but was rather molded by the communities and influences others had on our souls growing up.  Humans were not accustomed to taking control of their lives and built in certain dependencies that were of their own invention.  They restricted themselves with regulations and rules and were created due to humans inherent distrust of their own inner guidance system.

The main reason we are all here and have agreed to be is for the purpose of love.   All of the rest of the nonsense is what they call “the noise”.  They say that it is time to ‘let it go’.  Everything is headed exactly in the direction that they have known for centuries.  Those who are curious of what the outcome will be, they’re saying the words ‘victory’, ‘triumph’ and ‘prevailing’.  It’s looking like its a go ahead.  Now onto more important things.

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