Police Officer Shows Up As An Earth Angel to Help a Homeless Man

Be aware of how often you are compassionate and giving to others throughout the day. This can be a simple smile and hello in passing. The Police Officer in this photo below in New York City, Larry DePrimo, found a homeless man who was barefoot sitting on the floor in the cold. The Officer had on two pairs of socks on and combat boots and was still cold himself. He went into a Sketchers store and shelled out $75 for insulated winter boots and thermal socks. He then headed back to the homeless man and put them on him. The homeless man smiled as if he was just given a million dollars. The Officer left and didn’t think anything of it until someone he knew much later contacted him to say there is a photo of him doing this that has gone viral.  These isolated moments that we catch remind us that there is good and there are Earth Angels all around us.

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