Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Gemini and the Ace of Cups

Today is the Lunar Eclipse which is a more potent and heightened Full Moon. The placement of the Moon has an effect on our personalities the same way the Moon prompts the levels of the ocean tides. We are all made up of energy the same way that everything we hold in our hand or place emphasis on is also affected. This is where the law of attraction comes into play. Our moods affect us and therefore our surroundings bringing about positive or negative things to us. The tides in the ocean are lower or bigger depending on the gravitational pull between the Moon and the Sun.

Because I’m always picking up on and absorbing the energy around me like a dirty dish towel, I’ve always noticed more erratic dramatics in others around the time of the Full Moon. The Full Moon energy lasts about a week, a few days before the Full Moon and a few days afterwards. The day of the Full Moon is when it is at its peak and then the energy lightens a bit each day.

The Moon rules the astrological water sign of Cancer. If you know many Cancers as I do both professionally and personally, they are prone to bouts of extreme moodiness. They tend to shut the door to be alone for a few days and only coming out when they absolutely have to. When they do emerge from their hibernation officially, then they are warm, giving and receptive. This is the Moon’s effect on us when it is at its fullest. It pulls out things within us that need paying attention to.

The two cards I pulled for the Full Moon are both prime examples of what to expect this week. The Ace of Water and the Swan Queen. I love the Ace of Water card because I’m a love guru and incurable romantic. However, in this case the Ace of Water has more to do with intuition, inspiration and inner feelings as does the Swan Queen card. Both are urging us to dive deep into our inner selves where our creative expression lives. The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse widens psychic and intuitive awareness on the plus side so use this to your advantage. If you’ve felt stuck this past month during the Mercury Retrograde, today and this week specifically are where were able to sense the truth thanks to this Full Moon transit. This will also bring change and awaken a new you with a brighter purpose. The answers you seek are all within.

The Ace of Water card also shows me a connection to the Divine and that all the answers are in that one cup in the image, the Holy Grail, which merges you with the Divine when you focus inward. This is also a period where relationships are ending for good or new relationships are suddenly taking off. Eclipses slam doors opened and closed abruptly, so this is another reason to truly be aware using your clairsentience (clear feeling). We were all born with the capabilities of connecting through one or more of our ‘clairs’. Although the Full Moon lasts about a week, the Eclipse is so powerful that the effects last for six months so use this transit positively doing another final release today of anything that is holding you back.

The Full Moon is transiting through the sign of Gemini. Don’t believe everything you read or hear and stay clear of gossip of all kinds. This should be a given anyway, but its especially emphasized this week.

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