A difficult dating life and uncontrollable crush; Jagger’s Revolution an erotic love story

Jagger falls asleep and right into another prophetic dream about Garth.  Garth comes up to him to ask him out in a proper way.  He holds all those qualities of a wistful medieval knight, courageous, tons of honor, and an immense amount of loyalty and consideration of others.  They’re together, the house, the white picket fence, the kids and the dog they call Blackhawk.  Garth comes home from work and anxiously walks through the maze trying to find Jagger in order to embrace in love’s everlasting kiss.  They fall into each other’s arms and onto the bed.  Jagger jolts back out of sleep and awake.  Dammit.  It was only a dream.

“Jagger is the guy who knows about love and relationships.  He is my tougher alter ego who lives in a hacienda near the beach writing sex columns for a local outlet.   Back in 2005, I was fascinated by these Japanese aristocrats who were refined and beautiful.  They could watch someone be decapitated and feel nothing, but if someone displayed poor class then he couldn’t get over it for a week.  I thought about someone with that kind of mind set in today’s world, give him a regular job and a difficult dating life as well as an uncontrollable crush on one person.  What would happen?  This became ‘Jagger’s Revolution’.” ~ Kevin Hunter, author of Jagger’s Revolution


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