Mercury Retrograde moves direct November 26th running smack into the Full Moon on November 28th.

Mercury is slowing down to begin its direct motion after Monday, November 26th, but were not out of the woods right away. We are also simultaneously moving deep into the Full Moon energy that happens on Wednesday, November 28th. Use this week to purge anything that is not aligned with your highest good that may still be lingering this month. If you’re feeling emotions like guilt, negativity or low self esteem, then that is a sign that you’re partaking in poor vibrating activities or are around people that are getting in the way of your life purpose. This includes people that cause you grief whether they are still in your life or in the past.  This card is telling me that they are alive and well within you even if you no longer communicate with them.  Its time to let go and say, good riddance, so that you can move forward.  Release them from your mind and your heart because it does nothing positive for anyone to have them plaguing your thoughts.  After December 1st everything will take off and the fog will dissipate.  You’ll be able to see a clearer road up ahead and can continue forward on your path hitting the ground running without any blocks or baggage.  November was a month to pause, but December is the month to move full speed ahead right into the New Year.

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