Going up to the “Spirit in the Sky”; Channeling in the Morning.

Going up to the “Spirit in the Sky”.  I awoke this morning and immediately went into a channel with my guides and angels. This is pretty natural for me these days as I always found it to be a great way to start the day. You’re also super relaxed and open to communicate. I’ve heard from some that the second they open their eyes they’ve got worry on their mind. This is no way to set the tone of your day. Give your worries to Heaven in a mental prayer in the morning. They are still urging for us to continue to pause. I mentioned to them that for some this is impossible. It’s the Monday after a long holiday weekend. Some people are headed back to work or are coming back from intense traveling. They said this is precisely why we need to continue retreating as our souls have been over stimulated by the holidays and everything that is connected to it. We can’t afford to absorb anymore input from the outer world at this time. 

Even if you didn’t partake in Black Friday, you probably felt that energy. Whatever you’re doing today, do your best to sense, feel, hear or know the voice of your higher self coming through the noise. Even if you’re not sure if you’re making contact, you are. They are always responding even if you’re temporarily blocked or unsure. They asked me to turn the radio on and so I reached over and hit the on switch near my bed. The first few chords of the next song began, “Spirit in the Sky”. I thought that was incredibly fitting and pretty humorous. They all have great laughter and senses of humor on the other side and urge us to have the same. They prepared me for the day and to remember that we’re never alone. They also prompted me to get a move on. Your angels and guides around you often communicate to you in various ways and sometimes through music! This was their way of telling me they enjoyed connecting if only briefly after I woke up. Have faith, trust and open your heart to them. 

Pay attention to the repetitive signs and symbols around you as they can often be the answer you’ve been looking for. Remain detached and connected to your inner voice more than usual today. It doesn’t matter that you’re mentally checking out even if you have priorities to attend to. You will still get those done by keeping one foot on the ground and another listening to your higher self on the next steps you need to make. We’re urged to continue in pause and contemplation not only for this reason, but were simply clearing out all the old energy in and around us which can often be draining. Our souls need constant rest amongst the demands of earthly life therefore it is always okay to take regular time outs and not feel guilty.


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