Have patience through Thanksgiving and the end of November. Mercury Retrograde.

Have patience right now.  It’s fascinating that all the messages this month can easily coincide with the Mercury Retrograde transit that’s happening.  We are urged to continue taking it easy and don’t push against the surf.  Don’t move forward with anything at this time as it’ll only be met with resistance.  This is a good time to research, re-evaluate, edit, re-write, study and catch up with friends.  You may be feeling sluggish or more tired than usual which is an effect of the Mercury Retrograde cycle.  You’re not truly tired in the physical sense, but mentally drained or worn out.  When we are mentally drained, it makes us feel physically drained.  If you’ve been feeling that lately, then that’s a sign to not push for anything right now.  You, your mind and your body need a much needed time out.  Watch your diet, get exercise, more sleep and give yourself extra time to get to places or to connect with others.  Mercury moves forward after November 26th, but things will still be glitchy.  It’ll be safe to take off full speed ahead from December 1st and on.  December will be one of our best most prosperous months this year!

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