Never Jump into a Relationship Right Away. This is a dating rule in Dude 101.

Do you ever find that those around you suddenly get into a relationship with someone you had never heard of?  That’s because they just met less than two weeks ago.  It will be over within six weeks.  These are the same people that abuse their Facebook status by switching it to ‘in a relationship’ only to abruptly switch it back to ‘single’ in less than six weeks.  Everyone is devastated and sorry.  Sorry for what?  Anyone could have predictably nailed the outcome of it.

Relationships that start off like that never last because they’re not real relationships.  Typically what needs to happen and how it works is there is a courting and dating process that goes on for awhile before it becomes a full fledged relationship.  This is the mature road to a successful long term union.  No matter how into someone you are, you are simply dating when you first meet.  Dating is the process of elimination.  You’re dating to find out whether or not you’re a match.  You’re getting to know the person to see if they are someone you can exclusively see yourself having a serious REAL relationship with.

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