Forgiveness has got to be one of the most difficult acts for mankind to do; Archangel Jophiel

Forgiveness has got to be one of the most difficult acts for mankind to do.  Our egos hold slights so close to our souls to the point where that toxic feeling festers and grows tampering with our psyches.  This is the card I pulled along with the forgiveness card from the Archangel Michael deck.  We’re in the middle of the Mercury Retrograde transit and there is no better time to forgive than during this cycle.  Mercury Retrograde asks us to look to the past after all and revise or make amends.

Holding onto unforgiveness towards anyone is not healthy because the only person it hurts is you.  It’s understandable to not forgive someone who has abused you or treated you unkindly; however it is necessary to reach that place where you do forgive them.  When you don’t forgive someone and you hang onto that tightly, then you create blocks that prevent you from reaching that place of happiness.  You are not saying what they did to you is okay and nor are you letting them off the hook.  You are forgiving them for yourself and so that you can be freed of that pain.  This is for you and your well-being. 

Use this transit to make a list in a notebook of those that you are harboring resentment towards and why.  Go over each line and mentally or aloud forgive them for the sake of release.  Feel that heavy weight of not forgiving that you were carrying and allow the angels to carry it away to heaven.  Then take that sheet out of your notebook and burn it.  On the Full Moon on November 28th, do this same exercise again.  This will also be a good way to see what you’re really holding onto and not forgiving if it shows up on your list twice. 

Archangel Jophiel is the angel to call upon to assist you with this process.  Ask her to help you with this and elevate your feelings and thoughts to the level of joy which is the highest vibration.  Archangel Jophiel can beautify you inside and out as well as all of your surroundings (car, home, work etc.)

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