Mercury Retrograde November 6, 2012 – November 26, 2012

The energy is growing more intense.  People are going into a mental fog, which are causing them to be oblivious and that’s inciting impatience and anger out of others.  Put all of those people behind the wheel and you have a lot of accidents!  There is a lot of external erratic behavior being acted out.  This is the Mercury Retrograde that’s happening on Tuesday and will play out until AFTER Thanksgiving.  This will affect all types of communication with others.  It’ll feel strained and misunderstandings are likely as well as break ups!   This is going to affect the U.S. Presidential Election, which is already bathed in intensity and fury.  The last time Mercury went Retrograde during an Election was the Gore/Bush drama.  This is naturally also going to affect the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.  Even if you spend it with those where there is never any friction, still plan ahead as delays in traveling will be likely.

All I can recommend is breathe and don’t react or get sucked into anyone’s theatrics.  Stay centered and away from anyone mired in negativity or on a complaining frenzy.  It shouldn’t always be a mess when Mercury goes Retrograde, but this one is particularly heightened.  We live in a world where we have to live with other people who have no clue with what’s going on. We’ve all been trained and taught to function from our lower selves and that is highly evident on our social media.  No one can spell.  No one can talk.  It’s as if the English language is basically alluding them.

There is also a lot of unrest in general and this Mercury Retrograde cycle is going to bring a lot of that garbage to the surface.  I’d prefer to call it a purging period for all of us.  Be mindful with how you react, talk and treat others you come into contact with on a general basis, but especially during this Mercury Retrograde.  This is time to stop, take pause and reflect.  Mercury Retrograde happens three times a year forcing us to stop our busy lives whether we like it or not.  If you do not, you will get  caught in the firestorm drama getting nowhere.  Reflect and review everything you’ve experienced to date.  Often times its during the Mercury Retrograde when great ideas or a new way of living comes to light.  Wait until Mercury goes direct before you act or sign anything.  Past relationships that were unfinished or never over generally show up during the Mercury Retrograde.

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