Mary, Queen of Angels Oracle Deck by Doreen Virtue

This Mary, Queen of Oracle deck is beautiful and so powerful. I was hesitant to buying it because I have never felt a connection with Mother Mary before and wasn’t sure if it would resonate with me. Yet, there was a part of me that was curious and kept getting drawn to it, so I bit the bullet and bought it.

The deck contains exquisite classic artwork. The name of the card is placed on a gold ribbon above the striking artwork. There is a sentence of the meaning of each card at the bottom of the card. There is also a guidebook to assist beginners or those who would like additional information for each card. I was ecstatic to find cards like: “God“, “Jesus“, “Action”, “Grace”, “Home”, “Gratitude”, “Joy” and “Love”.

I recommend this deck for those that are hesitant to getting close to Mother Mary or who were like me and wondering what kind of deck this is. I’m a guy with lots of `yang’ energy I’m told, so for that matter I was cautious to picking up this deck simply because I didn’t know if I could relate or connect to it. Boy could I! This is one of my favorites now. It’ll help you to be more open hearted and full of love for yourself and those around you. I’ve learned that Mother Mary has the same goal as Jesus and God. I get positive and warm vibes everytime I hold this deck or work with it.

My Mother taught me to pray when I was a kid growing up. We weren’t religious, but we did go to church regularly. I was blessed enough that it wasn’t a home that was full of judgment so I didn’t have the negative feelings that some get in relation to material such as this. My Mother has always been complete compassion, love and acceptance for all people despite their interests and as long as they weren’t hurting anybody or themselves. Her wish for us was that we’d grow up to be kind and loving people towards all. In a sense, the same qualities that Mother Mary and those in Heaven exude.

I’ve been clairaudient and claircognizant since birth and often channel naturally. I’m always getting messages even if I’m not attempting to connect. When I was reading for someone recently who needed assistance, Jesus had come through. He had never come through before and his presence was extremely intense that I had to stop and take a breath and pause for a few minutes as he came in and around me. I felt a mighty spirit of ALL love appear to me. Even though I was connecting for someone else, I felt my own troubles or lower energies suddenly evaporate off my body. Just the weight of life was lifted in a way that no one had done before. I felt so alive and full of the most immense love possible. Imagine the feeling you had when you fell in love with someone and multiply that by a billion. I realized Jesus was ALL love. I told the woman, “You must have Jesus around you, because this is the first time he’s introduced himself to me in such a big way with someone.” She said that she prays to him daily. Jesus told me that she was at the lowest point in her life and needed great healing. That was when I was stunned to realize that he was also a healer. Love and healing are his two main focuses. I didn’t know this fully until that day. This is the feeling I get everytime I use this Mary, Queen of Oracles deck which is the point of my lengthy story. This is my 19th deck and I’ve never had a feeling like this before with any other deck.

This is a lovely and superb deck that I surprisingly gravitated towards. I know that sometimes we don’t always feel the same way about a product, but I endorse this one! Now I would love to see a “Jesus” Oracle Deck as well as a “Joseph” deck. I noticed someone on here was disappointed that they did not see that card in this, but that did not bother me as this is about Mother Mary. Joseph will have his own deck soon enough.

I’ll leave you with the names of the cards, as I know there are some who would prefer to know what’s in the box:

Action, Be Strong, Blessings, Boundaries Caring, Children, Compassion, Devotion, Enthusiasm, Faith, Family, Father, Feminine, Forgiveness, Giving and Receiving, God, Grace, Gratitude, Health, Home, Honesty, Hope, Inner Child, Integrity, Jesus, Joy, Love, Marriage, Mercy, Miracle, Mother, Open Your Heart, Optimism, Patience, Prayer, Present Moment, Quiet, Self-Respect, Signs, Sobriety, Tenderness, Trust, Truth, Watched Over

5.0 out of 5 stars
Beautiful, Uplifting, Positive oracle deck

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