Have positive expectations with whatever you’re working on or thriving for

What I’m being told with this card is that this has to do with not giving up.  For example, some of us may having been waiting forever to connect with a romantic partner and wondering if it’s ever gonna happen.  If this is you, then this card is reminding you to not give up just before he or she shows up.  Keep your thoughts positive and use this time to continuously improve on yourself, whether that is starting an exercise program and eating healthier or simply adopting hobbies that you enjoy doing.  You could meet this wonderful person at a function you happen to pop by at that is around your topic of interest.  This also applies to one’s career, if you’ve been working hard for so long and not seeing any results, you’re asked to not throw in the towel.  Enjoy what you’re doing regardless and take comfort in the back of your mind that you will be taken care of.  Have positive expectations with whatever it is you’re working on or thriving for as long as its aligned with love and for your greater good.

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