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Axe Murderers, Psychics, Strange Families, Detectives, Polygamy

Death by beheading, bee stings, hangings, stabbings, gun shots –
Don’t push Logan over the edge

Someone had pointed out that on Halloween they noticed a growing trend of children dressed as zombies.  Many of the kids had t-shirts with skulls on them and how did we all feel about that.   Personally, I think its harmless fun. I understand there’s a fine line between what’s fun, creative, imaginative and then violent sensationalism. I wouldn’t automatically assume that someone who is wearing a skull t-shirt doesn’t have compassion. I’ve met many people into horror who are the nicest people in the world and then those who are into softer forms of entertainment to be not so friendly. However, you’re saying that these are children wearing skull t-shirts. Hmmm. As someone who questions and evaluates everything I’d need to see these t-shirts. Is it Disney or totally inappropriate bloody skulls. Then I’d say ‘eh-eh not okay’.

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