An example of my Clairaudient and Claircognizant abilities in action

As I moved gracefully through the major transformation, I went to this spiritually based convention. I had been putting it off for years, but wanted to see if there were others like me there. I had been curious about it having gone through the transition out of addictions. I was attracting in at higher levels by this point and wanted to be around like minded people for a change. For this particular convention year, I was getting urgent nudges from my guides to go. When they want you to do something they will persist on pushing you until you hear their message. I asked them, “Why is it important that I go?”

They said I would learn to trust what I can do and what we were all born able to do. I would trust that the messages I have been receiving through the course of my life are indeed them on a deeper level. It was part of their instructions in order to get me out of the spiritual closet and talk about them more. You cannot have access to this information and keep it to yourself. I had not realized that so many were not listening to their own Guides and Angels.

How often are you thinking about nothing important as you’re getting ready for work and suddenly a clear cut jolt of information flies through your mind? That information is powerful causing you to experience a surge of joy coursing through you. The information you received also ends up being the key or answer to something you needed to know. Where do you think that came from? This is one way your spirit guide and guardian angel is communicating with you.

I spent my entire life not trusting anybody and being skeptical for good reason. Now I was being asked to trust those who would never lead me astray. The night before I was to attend this convention I had trouble sleeping. I panicked knowing that I would be a basket case on a day that I wanted to be clear minded. How was I going to drive forty-five minutes in this sleepy state? Part of me considered not going at all due to my lack of being well rested. My Spirit team was not going to have that.

I eventually drifted off to sleep, but was abruptly woken up at 7:30 am. The presence of my guides was a heavy force pushing me along to my car to get myself to the convention. They do not pay attention to your drama or whining that you don’t feel like it. While at this convention in one of the all day seminars, I was asked if I would give someone a cold reading. This wasn’t a test, but a fun exercise using no divination tools except my body which is an accurate barometer to receiving heavenly messages. All human souls have this ability.

Having to do a cold read in a space with hundreds of people’s energies around me while on no sleep was not my cup of tea. I wanted to bolt out of there at lightning speed and crawl back into bed. Knowing there was no way out, I trembled for fear I would make a mistake or not know what I was doing. I could feel the angels pushing me out of my comfort zone. Needing a volunteer I noticed a young girl sitting near me raising her hand. She agreed to be my guinea pig and allow me to read her.

She pulled her chair to face me and closed her eyes. I reached my hands out around her head to feel the air pressure and to pick up on her energy. My focus was scattered as I veered off wanting to head back to bed. My guides said that this is not about me. This is about this girl. I closed my eyes and took several deep breaths until I was relaxed.

I called in my Spirit team and said, “Please get my ego out of the way. This is about the girl right here. It is all about her. If anyone would like to come through for her, please come forward now.” I remained quiet and opened up to listen.

My eyes opened and I saw a faint yellow halo around the girl. I said to her, “I’m just gonna say what I’m hearing. It looks like you continuously give your power away to others. You’re not in control or standing in your power.” I pointed to her stomach where her power lies, knowing this message was meant for me as well.

She said, “Yeah, that’s a big issue I have had to work with everyday.”

What I said next stopped her. “There is a man who is around you right now. He is always with you and very loud trying to get my attention. His name is Ralph. He says he’s your grandfather and that he accompanies you while in school guiding you through it and towards your life purpose.”

I stopped talking when I noticed her eyes were flooded with tears. She said that she is sixteen years old and in school. I thought she was in her twenties as she had a mature look to her and carried herself confidently. She was also at this conference alone. She said her Mom’s Dad, her Grandfather, died when she was seven years old and his name is Ralph.

A great sense of relief swarmed over me that day as I discovered that my soul was once again tuned in for good, without the interference of toxic addictions and negative interference. This stranger whom I had never met before, confirmed she does indeed have a grandfather named Ralph who passed away. I am no different than anyone else, except that my soul was fine tuned through profound life changes. Although I’m not a working Medium, what I did in that instant is what is considered Mediumship.

“Reaching for the Warrior Within”
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“It does not matter if you are a believer or a skeptic, because your team of Guides and Angels believe in you regardless. They are always present illuminating the path on your journey. They are guiding you out of despair and towards peace, love, and joy throughout your Earthly life. All you need to do is pay attention to their messages and signs.”
~ Kevin Hunter

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