An example of my Clairaudient and Claircognizant abilities in action

At the spiritual conference I went to on 10/26/12, I gave a cold live reading to a stranger without a divination tool except my body. The energy was already taxing due to my lack of sleep and being in a huge conference hall with 500 people. I pointed to a young woman near me who raised her hand to volunteer.

I had the girl pull her chair up and sit in front of me and facing me.  I asked her to close her eyes.  I reached my hand around her head to pick up on her energy.  I closed my eyes and allowed the information to come in.  A few minutes went by as I sat quietly in meditation saying things like, “If there anyone who would like to come in communicate to this girl, then communicate through me.  This is not about me, but how can I help this girl.  How can I serve?”  I began receiving information.  I opened my eyes and was told there was an orange haze around the haze like a halo. I hear information and guidance clairaudiently in my left ear and I’m also claircognizant where I simply just know things.  It has been this way since  birth.

I said to the girl, “I’m just gonna say what I’m hearing.” She said okay. I said, “You need to stand in your power. You continuously give your power away to others.”  I pointed to her stomach where her power lies.  “I’m being told you have power struggles.”  She said, “Yeah, that’s a big issue I work with everyday now.”

What I said next stopped her, “There’s a man who is around you right now and is always with you. He says his name is Ralph. He is your grandfather. He acts like a guide to you although he’s not your spirit guide or guardian angel.  He is always with you and watching you and guiding you.  He’s specifically around you where education comes in. He’s guiding you to continue your education. He’s assisting you and working with you through your school life and future career.  I thought this was odd because she didn’t strike me as someone in school.

I guess that was all I needed to say.  She started to cry.  I thought, “Uh-oh.” She said she’s 16 yrs. old and in school.  Ah-ha.  I thought she was in her 20’s since she seemed mature, confident and was travelling alone. She said her Mother’s Dad, her Grandfather, died when she was 7 and his name is Ralph!  The audience gasped and went into an applause.  I understand that this is a form of Mediumship, but I don’t feel like I’m doing anything that anybody else can’t do when they’re completely in tune with the Divine.  

I’ve always been extra sensitive to energies and never thought twice about it.  I’ve only recently come out of the spiritual closet so to speak and become more vocal about it.  I used to keep it to myself and relay accurate information to people without tellign them where it’s coming from.  I use the words I get from Archangel Uriel to write my books.  This is my life purpose to infuse this informaiton in my stories.  To teach others about love and respect.

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