Love Reading Example 10-23-12

I haven’t done a love reading for myself in several months!  How is that possible?  I guess that’s good that I haven’t been absolved with it as I’ve been too busy working on my next book all this time!  I will do one to show an example of how it works.

I asked, “What’s my love relationship life look like to you?”  The top card in the image attached is the one that I pulled.  They were showing me that the relationship is up ahead.  It’s coming.  So I said, “Can you give me timing?”  Everyone wants to know timing right?  They gave me the Emperor and the Five of Cups below.  I said, 4 and 5 are 9.  That can be 9 days, 9 weeks or 9 months.  Clairaudiently I heard them say, “45 days!”  I said, “I’m going to double check.”  They hate when I do that.  Your first impression is the correct one. 

Still – I mixed the bottom cards back into the deck and shuffled and asked again, “When is this relationship going to happen?”  I pulled a card, put it face down and kept shuffling and I heard them say, “Stop”.  I pulled that card and put it face down.  I then flipped them both over and it was the same 2 cards!

I’ll have an answer in 45 days.  That’s December 7, 2012.  Those digits ad up to be 24.  2+4=6.  6 is the number of someone from the past or someone I’ve bumped into before and didn’t realize that was the one.


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