I’ll be with Madonna tonight in Los Angeles!

Man it is a going to be a few months of spectacular live music concert shows.  I’ll be seeing Muse in January.  Three rows from the stage!  Alanis Morissette in November.  And tonight is the kick off with an entertainer that knows how to put on a show:  Madonna.  I’ll be right up there 13 rows from the stage in the first section.

I’m mainly a classic rock fan and love rock, hence the other shows I’m going to, but Madonna is a rare beast.  I’ve met her several times in the past and her energy and presence has always been bright.  I grew up with MTV where Michael Jackson, Bruce Springsteen and Madonna videos were all dominating and in my face 24/7.  Also, my dad lit some of Madonna’s shows in the early 80’s.  He started in the adult industry in the early to mid 70’s and graduated to lighting concert shows like Fleetwood Mac and the Rolling Stones in the late 70’s and then Michael Jackson and Madonna in the early 80’s. 

When he first met Madonna, it was in 1983, I was ten years old at the time.  She was set to perform “Holiday”.  The Producers told my dad that the artist would like to speak with him.  He thought, “Oh ok.”  This woman in her early 20’s came walking up to him with an unusual outfit and pantyhose tied in her hair.  He thought, “Okay what an interesting looking woman.”  But he said, “As soon as she opened her mouth, I was blown away.  She was going into detail about how and where she’d like the lighting placed.  She knew what a Fresnel lens was.”  He hadn’t encountered someone so young to be so intelligent and was a musical entertainer.  Generally that stuff is left up to the technicians, but not with this woman.

More importantly, I am a huge fan of people who make something out of nothing.  I admire courageous people who pay no attention to anything else around them, but what their life purpose is.  She ranks right up there easily, plus the woman is more active than is humanely possible.


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