Knight of Water; Knight of Cups – Angel Tarot Card Deck

The card pulled for the moment is Knight of Water. What I’m getting with this is to nurture your dreams and shift them into action. You have something there and its time to do something about it and make it a reality. Start taking daily steps towards your goals even if it’s just a little bit a day. It’s one thing to have big dreams which are the Knight of Water, but now turn this card into a King and obtain them.

This week there will be another portal open for love relationships as well as a tendency to feeling overly dramatic, moody or emotional. Pay attention to some of the functions you’re invited to that you may typically turn down or scoff or make excuses that you’re too tired to go to. Get out of your routine and go. There may be a big possibility that there will be someone there that gets your heart thumping. The Knight of Water is after all the Don Juan Casanova. He is a hardcore romantic and always in love with love, but be careful as sometimes his emotions can take over him. You don’t want to drown into much watery emotion.

If you’re already in a relationship, he wants to keep the magic of love and romance alive and it’s about that time to ad some more sparks to your union if it’s been feeling stale lately. Do something that gets the feelings and emotions going in a positive way. Examples: Candlelit dinners, a road trip outing to a nature-esque locale or simply cuddle up watching old movies.

Tarot card image from Angel Tarot Deck
Interpretation of the card from Kevin Hunter

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