Seven of Earth; Seven of Pentacles – Angel Tarot Card Deck

The card of the moment is the Seven of Pentacles.  This is an indication to stop and give yourself a pat on the back for how much work you have being putting in.  This is also for those that have been working tirelessly on a goal or project and have still yet to see any kind of reward.  Your frustration is understandable, but you’re asked to have faith and know that it’s coming.  Your hard work is never gone unnoticed by Heaven.  You’re also asked to pause so that you don’t burn out.  When you take a moment to stop and retreat you’ll come up with that light bulb idea that brings everything all into fruition.   We are in tune and more in contact with the Divine when we are still.  This is where you’re able to communicate with your guides more readily as you’re paying full attention.  They could give you that missing piece that you needed that gives you the big sell.  Of course they are always communicating with you, but are you listening?  Not when you’re busying away stressing out.

In love, this is also a good card as it can mean that if you’re in a relationship that has been disappointing that you both may get a second wind that improves it.  If you’re single and have been frustrated that there has not been anybody, this is again a reminder to stay positive as love is on its way.  When you take pause you’re also able to discover things that can help you that were not there before.  If you’re single you may get a nudge to go to a specific location and not know why.  When you go, you find that you meet ‘the one’ there.  If you’re in a relationship that is having problems you may get that official confirmation on whether or not to work at it or throw in the towel indefinitely.

Tarot card image from Angel Tarot Deck
Interpretation of the card from Kevin Hunter

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