Six of Earth; Six of Pentacles – Angel Tarot Card Deck

This is a card of giving or receiving. If you’re financially well to do it could be to donate to charities or those that are less fortunate. If you’re struggling then this could be a sign of abundance to come. This could be in the form of money, a new job/career or simply a good deed done for you. Giving and receiving keeps the energy flow balanced in your life. This isn’t always financial flow; it can also be giving of ones time to help someone else. Notice that in the image of this card the Faerie is taking a coin from one scale and moving it to the other scale. This is a positive card, but also a reminder for those that have too much to give a little away of your time or money to help the less fortunate.  It could be you as a mentor passing on wisdom to a student type.  If you’ve been working on a project and wondering about its success, then this also points to it being successful so don’t worry so much. If you’ve been on a spiritual path expect it to move to the next plateau.  With love, this could be added support in some way from a love interest or that your relationship becomes more balanced and on even keel.  If you’re single, you may meet someone who is financially stable or who is your equal.

Tarot card image from Angel Tarot Deck
Interpretation of the card from Kevin Hunter

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