Ask Jagger: As Trite As It Sounds, Time Heals All Wounds

Dear Jagger,

I’m 20 and was dating this amazing guy I met in NYC, we were together for 5 months, everything looked too good to be real, we argued like every other couple and I got jealous sometimes, then I found out he was still talking to his ex bf and other guys and I got really hurt and I asked him to break up, he cried and told me to give him another chance and I did, then this monday everything was ok and at night he says goodnight ill text u in the morning, the next day he didn’t appear at all and texted me around 8 pm breaking up with me and turning his phone off and I couldn’t reply or call him back :/ so I just ended up with a lot of feelings inside without being able to express everything, I felt I was in heaven with him and he pushed me to earth again. I’ve been crying all of these days and I just feel the need to talk to him, his phone is still off. I kinda think he found another guy.

What can I do to get over this?



Dear Saddened,

I’m sorry to hear this happened, but as trite as it sounds time does heal all wounds.  I’m going to assume that this guy was also very young as his lack of maturity in the way he broke up with you shines through.  All relationships happen for a reason so look at the lessons you’ve learned and gained from this one.  He was still hung up on his ex and although arguments do come up in relationships, they generally don’t come up this soon.  So if you were both experiencing jealousy and heavy emotions this quickly in the beginning, it can only go one way….down.  I’m gathering he was feeling suffocated by the demands of the relationship and who he can talk to. It was easier for him to just rip the band aid off and disappear, which is the immature way to do it.  I believe he was still attached to his ex as well.  It was too soon for him to be seeing someone else when he clearly has a strong pull towards his previous guy.  I would date a little older than this guy as they tend to be much more grounded and mature.

In the meantime, work out your feelings with friends or a counselor.  Avoid drowning your sorrows in alcohol and watch comedies!  They raise your energy level and vibration.  You have my email address and may vent and release anytime you feel like it.  I will walk you through this dark passage.



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