Straight men are not obsessed with their bodies the way gay men and straight women are

It’s no surprise that people obsess with how they look now more than ever before.  It’s pretty common whether they are gay or straight, well straight women anyway.  I don’t think straight men are really that obsessed with their bodies.  You rarely hear them complain or say anything negative about it and my straight male friends around me have never uttered a peep.  I don’t think it’s even on their radar.  It’s just never come up!  They’re naturally confident regardless which is something to emulate and aspire to that’s for sure, but also no one is judging a straight guys looks as much as gay men judge other gay men.  I mean a gay guy won’t even engage with another gay guy unless he’s attracted to them in some way, even if you’re simply trying to be a friend.  Straight guys talk to you without any superficiality getting in that way.  However, straight women get the short end of the stick as they’re judged by not only straight men, but straight women as well!  What the fuck is up with all that insecurity anyway?

Of course I could be wrong and maybe straight men do obsess over it just as much as gay men and straight women, but we simply don’t hear their complaints.  Straight men also do tend to keep those sorts of things under wraps and to themselves unless it’s coaxed out.


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