Falling for a guy who turns out to be straight

The situations usually end up kind of like this: I had an incident with this Jr. Agent a number of years ago. His name was Josh. We met and hit it off immediately. Whenever I’d go into those offices he’d get up from where he was and make an excited beeline to me. We were into the same things, similar personalities and communication style. He was a surfer and we both would hit the beach with the others to partake in what we loved together.

This went on for months and one day he calls me on the phone and says, “So what is it gonna take for me to get to take you out for a beer?” I said, “Just ask.” He asks where I’d like to go. I say, “There’s this Irish pub in Santa Monica called O’briens”. He says, “Oh wait the one on Wilshire near 20th?” I said, “Yeah.” He says, “I know that one. My wife and I go there often as we live right around the corner from it.” Of course my friends bust out laughing, “Ohh I would’ve killed to see the look on your face.” I said, “Well it wasn’t good.” Wife? WTF.

Days later I head into another agent’s office, Zac, who is pacing on the phone and Josh is in there working. Josh looks up and gazes at me like some kind of long lost lover who is concerned and he mouths the word, “Hi.” I said, “Hey I actually need to talk to Zac.” I’m pointing to the other agent on the phone. Zac looks up, “Hey Kevin can I come out and find you when I’m done in about a minute?” I say sure and I leave. Josh jumps and chases down the hall after me, “Hey. How are you?” I say, “I’m good.” Then with a smile and a nod, “How’s your wife?” 

Eh- you had to be there. : ) So yeah it can get tricky and that’s just one out of dozens of varying incidents that are a little more intimate.

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