Cut through the fog and remove those that are not beneficial to your higher good. Queen of Swords

The card I pulled for myself can also pertain to you as well as the message is universal. The Queen of Swords. As you can see in this card she has an emotionally detached aire about her and she’s holding a crystal ball up high. The message I get is to cut through the fog while reserving emotion and do not allow yourself to be affected by other people. Cut them out of your life instead. This doesn’t just go for people who are not beneficial for your greater good, but also any behavior patterns that you alone are getting caught up in that are dragging you down. These behavior patterns and people are toxic and you know who and what they are as you read this. They make you feel uncomfortable, bring you down, crash your spirit, prevent you from operating at full capacity as your best self. They are negative and draining. It’s a one-sided relationship or friendship where you give and they take.  You support them in various ways and you don’t get that from them.  

It’s time to remove them from your life.  You gain nothing by having them around.  This may sound cutthroat, but look at the image in the card again.  She is unaffected and has her head held high.  She has a b.s. detector and knows exactly if you are worthy enough to be around her and doesn’t tolerate anything less than you giving your best.  She feels nothing as she extracts you out of her life.

The next two cards from another deck were Pregnancy and Spiritual Teacher. That message is self-explanatory for me. It’s the birth of my new life as a spiritual teacher and there are certain behavior patterns in myself that I still need to watch out for which includes allowing others into my vicinity that will only be an obstacle or set back on my greater and more important peaceful path.  This is more of a continuing them in relation to the Queen of Air card.

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