I’ve seen so many recently chasing people for love who are not interested in them. Read “Dude 101” & catch the signs.

I’ve seen so many recently chasing people for love who are not interested in them. Read my book “Dude 101” and catch the signs ahead of time before you end up disappointed and hurt.

Dude 101 is for anyone who continues to make dating mistakes or picking the wrong guys (or girls). Even though it’s called Dude 101 it doesn’t matter whether or not you’re male, female, straight or gay.  There is something in it that applies to everyone just by removing the appropriate gender/orientation.  Everyone goes through the same levels of emotion regardless.  The book is also for anyone who wants to open up their heart to love with the right person and what a REAL relationship is.  Stop pining over those that are a waste of time and see the red flags immediately so that you can get a move on towards obtaining someone worthy of your affections.

Even though the book is geared to the young adult set, I’ve discovered that the mistakes made are the same that those in their 30, 40’s and 50’s have been making.

I have to post this as I’ve never been bombarded with so many people’s love issues over the past couple of weeks crying for my assistance and feedback.  I’ve given it and I’ve offered them what I accurately pick up on.  They still keep going after them, fall even deeper into turmoil and then reach right back out to me.  These are also the same people that have never read Dude 101 which is the dating hand guide counterpart to the bigger love story, “Jagger’s Revolution“.

It’s available in paperback and kindle.  The kindle is only $4.  It’s basically the price of a fancy Starbucks cup of coffee, except this will raise your target heart rate to love where the health benefits are immeasurable.

Links to the book:



138 pages.


Are you constantly jumping in and going after the wrong guys?

Do you find yourself growing even more jaded and disappointed after every romantic interlude that grows sour?

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